‘The most profoundly impactful learning and development experience of my life. Brilliantly conceived; executed with passion and feeling.’’

‘The catalyst for both inspiration and reflection’

‘Simon did a great job relating Wordsworth to management and teaching us so much in such a short period of time’

‘It was great to figure out my vision in the future’.

‘Exceptional parallel of tasks and environment. Excellent delivery, very well prepared. Love the literary aspect’.

‘Superb day all round – Simon was great – brought the subject to life and made it relevant’.

‘A wonderful & profound day, Simon’s presentation style & content was so simple and tangible to the ordinary guy’.

‘I would like to thank you for such a thought provoking and inspiring lecture last week in Ambleside. The mixture of such classic poetry, beautiful countryside and leadership concepts complemented each other so perfectly; and keeping such a large and diverse group of people enthralled for several hours was a mark of how well the blend worked.’

‘Amazing day!’

‘Great experience’

‘Amazing and fantastic experience especially for landscape’

‘Very powerful session.’

‘Powerful learning experience’.  ‘A very different & very high impact experience’.

‘Wonderful day experience’.

‘Really appreciated how Simon linked Wordsworth to our daily lives.  The walk was very, very nice.’